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Top Cavalier in Norway  2014 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2008 - 2006 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 - 2000 - 1997 - 1994 

Top Bitch Cavalier  2008 - 2007 -2006 - 2003 - 2000 - 1997

Top Dog Cavalier 2011 - 2010

Top Veteran 2002    

 Norwegian Winner  2012 - 2011 - 2009 - 2007 - 2006 -2005 - 2003 -2001 -2000

   Nordic Winner 1998 - 2010

30 x BEST in SHOW at the Norwegian Cavalier Club Show

2 x Best in Show at the Club Show in Sweden

2 x Best in Show at the Club Show in Denmark

2 x European Junior Winner 2015


Magic Charm's Kasandra


Bonitos Companeros Zantagoras













Autumn   SNOW   SPRING-09 - Summer-09 - Photo-Gallerie - Snowpictures




NKK INT. Show in Stavanger 14.09.14

BOB & BIG-2 Nordic Ch Miletree Melchoir


BOB, Cacib CH Miletree Melchoir & BOS, CC, Cacib Cavanzas Ninja La Silla

Judge: Alicia Pennington, UK



SUPER Weekend In Denmark 22-23.03.2014

2 x ClubShow in one day:

CC, BOB & Best in Show x 2 Miletree Melchoir

2 x BOB & 2 x BIS and  2 x BOB & 2 x BIS-2

Miletree Melchoir and CH Cava Choice Hot Constellation

Judge: Sandra Ireland and David Moger, UK





She did it again...3 time in a row

TOP CAVALIER  in Norway -2010 - 2011 - 2012 

Norw Swed Ch NW-11-12 Magic Charm's Shine A Light "CARMEN"

She did it again...second time in a row

BOB & Norwegian Winner 2012

  Norw Swed Ch NW-11-12 Magic Charm's Shine A Light


Judge:Mr. Hans Almgren, Sweden



The day that we diden't want to come ...our best girl ever left us, 12 1/2  years old.

INT Nordic CH NW-00 Magic Charm's Felicia

We love you!

20.03.2000 - 27.09.2012



A dream came true...  a day we never will forget

Born in Germany - at home in Norway - made history in the UK:

Norw Ch UK Ch NordicW-10 Bonitos Companeros X-Treme
(UK CH Aranel Cosmic X Bonitos Companeros Kir Royal)

wins on Boston Championchip-Show, 09.01.2011 not only his class,
he continues by winning the so much desired last needed Dog CC, & Best of Breed

Xander is the very first Cavalier bred & living outside of the UK or Ireland

 that was able to win the English Champion title.

A big thank you to the judges Mrs.M.Hogan & Mrs.C.Ackroyd-Gibson who made this dream come true.
Thank you and a BIG Congratulations to Xanders breeders

Mrs. M. Hogan's critic:
Correct size Blenheim, heavily marked, rich chestnut, well cushioned head,

 framed by long feathered ears, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders,

 level top line, with good angulation, moved with drive good tail carriage.

Never stopped showing the whole time, he was a delight to go over.

 I was very pleased to award him CC, and later with my co judge BOB.

 The CC was his third and I believe the first Cavalier German bred dog

 (living in Norway) to be made up an English Champion.



Magic Charm's  World Wide:

 We are proud to be the first cavalier breeder in Norway,

 who were profiled in the well known and famous

 American Magazine Royal Spaniels, The Fall Edition 2008

  The article you can see: Here   ( Adobe Reader)



Another great success abroad.....

Internationel CACIB Show Hannover, Germany, 01.11.09

 Judge: Mrs Tina Homes, UK


Bonitos Companeros X-Treme "XANDER"




A new unbelievable day...

21.08.2009 - Judge Dogs: Mr. Brian Rix, Ricksbury, UK

Judge Bitches Mrs. J. Owens, UK

CC (his second) & Best of Breed

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme

Xander with judge: Mr. Brian Rix, UK (Ricksbury)

 Group ring



  Bournemounth Championship Show - 09.08.09

"Xander" Bonitos Companeros X-Treme - RCC  ( 270 entries)

 He has been shown four times in England with this amazing results:

 2 x CC & BIS - BOB - 2 x RCC & RES BIS 



Best in Show

Norwegian Cavalier Club Show 31.05.2009

Norw Lux CH Bonitos Companeros Polish Gold   "Hollywood"

Best in Show

Norwegian Cavalier Club

10 years Anniversary Show 10.05.2008

Judge: Mr. Ken Town UK (Barsac)



A Dream like Day...

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme "Xander"

 CC and BEST in SHOW

at the Eastern Counties C.K.C.S. Show in England 11.04.09

with a total entries of 334 Cavaliers

We are really thrilled that Xander is the very first Cavalier dog bred and owned by a person out of the UK that won an englisch CC.

 Judge Dogs: Mr.Kevan Berry, Ricksbury, GB
Judge Bitches: Mrs.Sandra Ireland Cooke, Charnell, GB   
Chairman: Mrs. M. Newton, GB


The Club Show in Malvern 28.02.09,

with a total entry of 522 Cavaliers:

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme "Xander" 



What a dream.....  an unbelievable day

for me and for the breeders Klaus & Markus !

"Xander" is out of GB Ch. Aranel Cosmic and Bonitos Companeros Kir-Royal

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme - Lanola Santana of Maibee - Cavaliegh Morning Star

Judge Dogs: Mrs. N. Inglis, Craigowl Cavaliers, GB
Judge Bitches: Mrs. M. Rees, Symra Cavaliers, GB
Referee: Mrs. S. Schilizzi, Chacombe Cavaliers, GB



All our puppies are checked at 8 weeks for general health

and heart, and all our dogs are tested annually.


All the lovely paintings on our web, done by Lena Svalling Ekdahl, (Hazelcoat)

Thank you Lena, you are fantastic !!!!


Unni Lima & Egil Olsen

4327 Sandnes, Norway

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