Magic Moments


"BENNI" made up

 International Nordic Champion Magic Charms Northern Light

Congratulations to his owners, Andreas & Joel




"TOBBEN" made up

 International Nordic Champion Magic Charms X-tremely Nice

Congratulations to his owners, Ellen & Lisbeth




"CAVIN" Magic Charms Cavendish

 made up Champion in Estland, Sweden & Finland

Congratulations to his owners Karolina & Sonja

He is our Magic Charm Champion number 52



Our Magic Charm's Champion number 51 !

SE CH Magic Charm's Michigan

CONGRATULATIONS to the owners Andreas and Joel Lantz, Cavanza


Vasa INT 14.4-12

Judge: Christian Jouanchicot, France

"Jamie" became our 6th International Champion. Big congratulations to his owners

Sonja Bergman (Bernheart's) and Karolina Wörlun


New Swedish Champion

Big congratulation to his owner Sonja Bergman (Bernheart's)

and Karolina Wörlund

Fin SE RU CH Magic Charm's Jamaica


from Finland

Magic Charm's Jamaica "Jamie" CC & BOS & New Champion (number 40)

 We are so proud!

Big congratulation to his owner Sonja Bergman (Bernheart's)

and Karolina Wörlund

Jamie and Karolina



BOB & Best in Group

 Norw UK CH NordicW-10 Bonitos Companeros X-Treme

Thank you to judge Mr. Andreas Schemel



A Dream like Day...

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme "Xander"

 CC and BEST in SHOW

at the Eastern Counties C.K.C.S. Show in England 11.04.09

with a total entries of 334 Cavaliers

We are really thrilled that Xander is the very first Cavalier dog bred and owned by a person out of the UK that won an englisch CC.



At the Club Show in Malvern 28.02.09,

with a total entry of 522 Cavaliers:

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme "Xander" 



What a dream.....  an unbelievable day

Bonitos Companeros X-Treme - Lanola Santana of Maibee - Cavaliegh Morning Star

Judge Dogs: Mrs. N. Inglis, Craigowl Cavaliers, GB
Judge Bitches: Mrs. M. Rees, Symra Cavaliers, GB
Referee: Mrs. S. Schilizzi, Chacombe Cavaliers, GB



NCK Klepp 08.09.2007

Judge: Sheena Maclaine, UK

BOB & BIS  N DK CH NW-05-06 Ricksbury Royal Crusader


From right: BOB & BIS N DK CH NW-05-06 Ricksbury Royal Crusader - BIS-2 & CC Bonitas Companeros Polish Gold

BOS & BIS-3 NUCH Magic Charm's Secret Moment (own by Chili) BIS-4 N DK CH Magic Charm's Juliet &

BIS-5 & CC Magic Charm's Royal Love (Photo & owner: Unni)

Judge: Sheena Maclaine, UK


Norwegian Cavalier Club Show 20.05.07

Judge: Mrs. Lorraine Hughes, GB (Loranka)

(Entries 126)

Best In Show & BOB & CC Bonitos Companeros Lokomotion

Best in Show-2 & BOS & CC, Magic Charm's Juliet


Best Veteran in Show: Int. Nordic CH NW-01 Magic Charm's Felicia



Best in Show N.C.K's Club Show 13 august 2006

N DKUCH NW-05-06 Ricksbury Royal Crusader

Judge Rob Sansom, UK (Byermoor)

Best Breeder Group

Magic Charm's Romeo - Romanov - CH Secret Moment - Juliet


Fliss BOB & Norwegian Winner 2006 & Corky BOS & Norwegian Winner 2006

NUCH NW-06 Magic Charm's Free And Easy & N DKUCH NW-05 NW-06 Ricksbury Royal Crusader

 Judge Jouko Leiviskä, Finland


NKK International Ch Show 23.11.07, Vikingeskipet

Judge: Sara Nordin, (Cavamir), Sweden

BOS & CC, Cacib & made up Champion & Norwegian Winner-07

Magic Charm's Royal Love


BOB & CC & Best In Show & BOS & Best in Show-2

at the Club Show 21.05.2006

NUCH Magic Charm's Free and Easy & N DK CH NW-05 Ricksbury Royal Crusader

Judge: Lucy Koster, Harana, UK


BOB & CC & Best in Show at the Club Show, 20.05.06

Magic Charm's Alexandra

Judges: Heather & Robert Lamont, Moorfield, Irland


NKK Stavanger September 2006

BOBOB: NUCH Jørsi's Griseflaks (owner Janne Brathammer) & BOS Magic Charm's Summer Affair

both by NUCH Ricksbury Royal Aristocrat


Denmark, Årslev  22.04.2006

Judge:  Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden

CC & New Danish Champion N DK UCH NW-05 Ricksbury Royal Crusader


Sandefjord Hundeklubb 21.01.06

Judge: Gunilla Skollmann

NEW CHAMPION   NUCH Magic Charm's Par Avion


NKK Norwegian Winner Show, Hamar, 19.11.05

Judge: Joakim Ohlsson, Sweden

BOB NUCH NV-05 Ricksbury Royal Crusader


Father and daughter BOB & BOS

NUCH Ricksbury Royal Crusader & NUCH Magic Charm's Andalucia 

Judge: Anne Mari Haugsten Hansen, Norway

Congratulation to Andalucias owners Jannicke & Frode (Sæterbassen)


Cavalierutstillingen 2005

"Emil" CC & Best in Show and "Fliss" CC & BOS & Best in Show-3

Magic Charm's Par Avion  & Magic Charm's Free and Easy 


N.C.K's Club Show -2004

Judge: Norma Inglis, (Craigowl)

Best In Show Int Nordic CH NV-01 Magic Charm's Felicia


NKK Bjerke 14.08.04 Judge: Carin Åkesson, Sweden

BOB & CC Annatika Josephina & BOS Nuch Ricksbury Royal Crusader

Best Progeny Class CH Ricksbury Royal Aristocrat


SBK Puppy Show all breeds 06.06.04 Judge: Geir Nordal Pedersen, Norway

BIS - BIG Fuzzyheimen's Master in Disquise & BIM Magic Charm's Melting Moments


Thomas Bis.jpg (99706 bytes)

Best Veteran in Show - 09.02.02

Nuch Magic Charm's Golden Springchoice

Judge: Andrew Brace, England


Group - Best in Show (all breeds) - 27.04.02

NUch NV-00 Magic Charm's Indian Warrior

Judge: Glenn Friedlander, Fillipinene