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Great news from Finland

CC & CACIB & BOB and made up Finish Champion

SE FIN CH Magic Charm's Northern Light

CONGRATULATIONS to the owners Andreas and Joel Lantz, Cavanza



Super weekend 12. and 13. April-14

NMK 13.04.14

BOB: Norw SE CH Magic Charm's Between the Buttons

CC & BOS & made up new Norwegian Champion Magic Charm's Flame of Fame

BOB Veteran Norw DK Ch Magic Charm's Tea Bag, own by Siri Lill Midthun

BOB Puppy Hazelcoat's Enweenie Cricket

Judge: Vera Hubenthal, Norway



NMK 12.04.14

BOB: Norw SE CH Magic Charm's Between the Buttons

BOB Veteran Int CH Bonitos Companeros Polish Gold

BOB Puppy Magic Charm's Feliciano

Judge: Frode Jevne, Norway



NKK Bergen 05.04.14

CC & BOS Miletree Melchoir



SUPER Weekend In Denmark 22-23.03.2014

2 x ClubShow in one day:

CC, BOB & Best in Show x 2 Miletree Melchoir

2 x BOB & 2 x BIS and  2 x BOB & 2 x BIS-2

Miletree Melchoir and CH Cava Choice Hot Constellation

Judge: Sandra Ireland and David Moger, UK




CC, Cacib BOB & Made up Norwegian and Swedish Champion

 Magic Charm's Between the Button

CC, Cacib BOS Magic Charm's Flame of Fame

Judge: Jan Sonne Smith, DK